Friday, July 17, 2009

Out of town engagement party

Engagement party recap

OMG what a whirlwind trip to Michigan-I know you didn’t think that Michigan could be associated with the word whirlwind but for me it does!

I had such an AMAZING trip to Michigan. I love being back home, and being with all of the people who know me the best, and I can be completely myself with, because most of these people I have known my entire life. I have one friend and bridesmaid who I have been friends with sine Kindergarten- now not many people can say that!

My soon to be bridesmaids threw Phil and I a fantastic Engagement party- it was so great! My friend Kylee and her husband Mike were the gracious hosts. They had everything set up, from incorporating our wedding colors into everything, great food, drinks, and of course the company!

Kylee had everyone bring a bottle of wine, and write a message to Phil and I on the bottle. It was such a great idea! Lugging the bottles back to California was not a problem at all! I put most of them in my luggage, and left some bottles for my mom to ship (or drink, lol). The girls also planned a pre-newlyweed game, in which Phil and I had to answer questions about each other- some of the questions are things we have not thought about in awhile (first movie you saw together, and some other funny ones) So it was a super fun game!

This party was so fantastic. I was so overcome with emotion that I cried a few times. One of those times being when I saw my friend Sarah (see above mention friend since Kindergarten) who flew all of the way from Texas. This was a total surprise, and the sheer generosity of all of it was way too much for this emotional girl to handle! Also, Melissa my only other fellow California girl flew out for the event- wow I have some amazing friends!

The party was also the night of my 30th Birthday (yes- 30! I guess I am considered an old maid bride) So Kylee went all out with a Birthday cake with the Big 3-0 written on it, which I again proceeded to cry due to the emotion of it all.

All in all this night was so special to Phil and me. I cannot thank all of my friends enough for putting it together.
Thank you to-

Kylee & Mike- the gracious host and hostess with the mostess- thank you for all of your hard work!

Lori, Sarah, Mis, Lin, and little Kortney J for setting up this amazing event and coordinating!

Heidi- for the Duggens chicken wings- this little surprise was amazing

And Phil for being the most amazing fiancé that I could ask for- I am so excited to marry you!

Thank you again for a fantastic evening!

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