Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4th of July festivities

I wanted to share my most favorite place in the entire world, and where I will be spending my 30th Birthday! This place is so special to me, my families cottage in Michigan.
The cottage has been in our family for 120 years- yes 1-2-0! I literally spent my first few days on earth at this place, that is why I feel like I have such a connection with it. I have spent EVERY birthday since I was born at the cottage (with the exception of the last two due to family circumstances)
I am so excited to head here for a nice week of rest, relaxation, and family!

Also, my wonderful bridesmaids are throwing us an engagement party on Friday- which just so happens to be my 30th Birthday- should be a pretty amazing time! I cannot wait.

Here are some pics of the magical cottage- enjoy your 4th of July activities!

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