Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I apoligize for my lack of posting! Alot has been going on in this DIY girls life!

-Wedding Date Change (its a good thing) Since we are getting married by the beach, the thought of June weather (in So. Cal known as June gloom) was making me have nightmares. So we pushed the date back to the end of July 2010.

- A minor surgery- I am doing a-ok!

-And my parent's have been living with us, and now moving back home (sad face)

So with that being said, I did have time to go flip flop shopping for old navy's $1 flip flop sale a few weekends ago! I recruited all of our visitors which included my soon to be mother in law, and we loaded up on flip flops that are close to our wedding colors. It was fun! We literally ran into old navy at 8 am, and got a ton- around 35 pairs of so! I can't wait to use this idea that I found on wedding bee for the wedding.

But I am back! I promise.

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