Friday, April 17, 2009

The OTHER dresses....

I have been a bridesmaid in literally 7 weddings, with that being said, I am very sensitive about the bridesmaid dresses. For our upcoming nuptials I plan to keep the bridesmaid dressed in one way- simple! Keeping the word simple in mind, I made my first stop in searching for bridesmaid dresses- J Crew. Oh how I love you so- your simple lines and colors, you will be perfect I just know it! And being that I know how it is to wear a color that you do not like, I have decided to let the girls wear black, and on top of that, they can pick from one of these style dresses from JCrew- how do you like that!
So here are the JCrew dresses that the girls can pick from- they will all be in black

I also love this watters dress too,
this could be a possibility- love the top!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

lack of posting

sorry- will be back soon- had to have a minor surgery so am recovering, and collecting yummy wedding goodies while recovering- will be back soon!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ribbons, Ribbons and more Ribbons!

Imagine the aqua mason jars and red flowers that I talked about a few posts back (and posted for you again below)- on long banquet type tables.

Think of White table cloths, (not sure what type of napkins) and red and aqua ribbons all over the table- I saw this ribbon in the new issue of Martha Stewart Weddings (ok i'm obsessed) and thought this super simple ideas was perfect for a table design on a budget! Look at how cute it is! Just put the ribbons on the table in any sort of basket weave pattern, and you have a great table!

source martha stewart

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Paper Love

I think that paper prodcuts are one of the best parts of planning a wedding! There are the save the dates, invitations, and even napkins that you can get creative with! I know that I want to incorporate our monogram into our wedding design. This was created by the lovely Lori at Pretty Paper Trail

I love looking over the endless amounts of sample invitations and other paper products that are available on-line. Since our invites will be done by pretty paper trail, I have been searching high and low for inspiration for our design!
Some great paper products I love are:

(note alot of these were collected so long ago that I do not have the source- I am sorry! E-mail me and I would love to provide credit if you know the source)

both above source- Rifle

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Dreaded B word!

Today I have the dreaded B-word on my mind- no not that B word, the other B word- BUDGET!
I know that it is not a fun topic, or one that you want to talk about when you are working on other fun things, like flowers, and candy bars. But it is one that is ever present in my and Mr DIY's mind. Since we are paying for the entire wedding ourselves (yes- you heard that right) the word Budget has been constantly in our mind every since the wedding planning process began.

But that is OK- whether or not we were paying for the wedding, some type of budget would be involved- right? But since we are in fact paying for it, and refuse to use any sort of credit cards or other financing for our big day- the Budget has become key in the planning process. And since most our wedding day involves DIY projects (hence the title of my blog) this budget is remaining pretty small, although it is about 5K over my initial projection-oops!

Our budget spreadsheet has become my best friend. It comes with me everywhere, literally. And I play around with it often. Plugging in numbers and figures of new great ideas that I have found, thanks to my obsession with finding great DIY projects on-line.

Thanks to Martha Stewart (can you sense a theme here) I have found that doing our budget spreadsheet has been a breeze! It is easily customizable, and you can take things in and out that you don't need, or want to add to the spreadsheet. There are also industry averages that you can look at that show you how much you should spend on each category based on your overall wedding budget- good stuff!

The budget might be the worst part of planning a wedding, but for almost every bride- it is a unfortunate necessity!

Good Luck in the F-U-N Budget process!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tabletop love

I love looking at pictures of table tops. There are so many different things you can do, to make your very own table top unique! I know for our wedding I want to have long tables, instead of round tables. I think this gives the wedding more of a comfy,cozy,family type feel-which is exactly what we are going for! There are some great table top ideas out there- and I have been collecting many of them! I know that I will use our cluster of aqua mason jars with the red flowers, as I posted about earlier here
But I also want to include other items in our color scheme, and make our table top unique. Here are some tabletops I love- even though some aren't necessary in our colors

Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Friday!

A little treat to help you enjoy your weekend- it is so true


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Flowers oh how I love you so!

Here are some favorite inspiration pics that I love! All of course using red flowers (using our red and blu-ish color theme)
Here are some favs! I also love using mason jars (as you can see from past posts) and I love the multi color bouquet below (even though it doesn't match)

to gocco or not to gocco?


I have been thinking recently about all of the possibilities that a Gocco could bring to my life. The possibilities are endless! From cards, to pictures to everything wedding- there is so much I could do! From everyone I have talked to about the Gocco it seems super easy to use- The Gocco is virtually impossible to find- unless you find someone selling them- which I have. So it comes down to- should I buy the Gocco or not? Would I really use it as much as I think I would, or would it just sit in my wedding corner- Have you used a Gocco? If so share what you have done!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wedding Hair

New post for today Hair-

Yes I know hair- although I cringe at spending any part of our ever so tight budget on hair and make up- it inevetibably has to be done- unless I want to be seen walking down the aisle looking like a hot mess.

I have started growing out my hair. Prior my hair was in the category of "must get cut once a month" to keep up the style I was going with. But that ended when wedding budget kicked in. And I wanted to grow my hair long for the wedding anyway, so all in all it worked out.
As I started digging through photos of wedding hair that I envied, I noticed they all had a theme, long-flowy-ish (yes that is a word) and a little natural looking. I am not a fan of things that are too tight, and perfect (incdluing my hair)

So here are some inspiration pics for that oh-so-important wedding hair

Source-Random google image searching