Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wedding Hair

New post for today Hair-

Yes I know hair- although I cringe at spending any part of our ever so tight budget on hair and make up- it inevetibably has to be done- unless I want to be seen walking down the aisle looking like a hot mess.

I have started growing out my hair. Prior my hair was in the category of "must get cut once a month" to keep up the style I was going with. But that ended when wedding budget kicked in. And I wanted to grow my hair long for the wedding anyway, so all in all it worked out.
As I started digging through photos of wedding hair that I envied, I noticed they all had a theme, long-flowy-ish (yes that is a word) and a little natural looking. I am not a fan of things that are too tight, and perfect (incdluing my hair)

So here are some inspiration pics for that oh-so-important wedding hair

Source-Random google image searching

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