Monday, September 14, 2009

Its about time for some DIY

As the namesake of my blog, it is about time I get to some DIY wedding projects! The first one up on the list that I tackled was moss wedding initials. These little gems will look perfect on one of the buildings at the cottage. I can’t wait to hang them up.
Here are the steps to the process.

1. Gather all of the tools you need. For me I used the following items
-Green Styrofoam I found this at Michaels. If you get pink or white Styrofoam you can spray paint the Styrofoam green
-Template for initials, or you can just eyeball it (I did)
-Black sharpie marker to draw initials
-Sand paper
-Spray adhesive
-Green Spanish Moss (from Michaels)
-Ribbon to hang initials

2. Draw initials on Styrofoam; make sure both initials are the same size (I used a ruler for this)

3. Start cutting out initials, the Styrofoam I used was thick! So cutting it with the small knife was a little tricky- thus the very large knife in my pictures, lol

4. Once you have the initials cut out how you want them, use sandpaper to smooth down the edges, and fix and imperfections.

5. Spray initials with adhesive, and start packing on the moss. Make sure you get the entire front of the initials; including the insides- otherwise it will look weird.

6. Secure a ribbon to each initial to hang!

A few notes- the adhesive is STICKY (duh) and I put the moss on the initials outside. The moss makes a huge mess, and cleaning it up, with the spray adhesive everywhere is not an easy task! This project was very easy- and fun! Good Luck!

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